Celeb edition with KX Legit

Leungo Mokgwathi

One of the biggest winners from Saturday’s YAMAs was KX Legit, who proved he is indeed the real deal.

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In total, the 25-year-old Shoshong star was up on stage three times: to receive the Best Newcomer and Best Hip Hop Artist awards, and also to deliver a show-stopping performance of his smash hit ‘Moshate’.

Congratulations on a successful night! How long have you been making music?

I’ve been making music since High School, but it was only in 2019 when I started heavily investing in it.

It’s amazing to see that years later, that investment came back full circle.

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How were you introduced to Hip-Hop?

I guess you could say that it’s just the culture I grew up in.

From Bearshare and Limewire days, and seeing the likes of Bow Wow playing on BTV Flava Dome every Friday, it became one of my favourite genres and communities – one that I’m blessed to contribute to.

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Has it been an easy journey?

Not at all, I think in Botswana, talent is undeniable but the infrastructure will never allow us to be great.

You put out a song today and you have about five radio stations and only one television station to push your sound.

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There is no regulation on performance fees and royalties are a mission to track down.

But in the same breath, nobody is going to save your industry if you don’t do it.

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So it’s also up to us as artists to collaborate with platforms, promoters, brands and fans to find ways to exchange value.

Are you satisfied with the amount of airplay and coverage you’ve received from local media?

My breakthrough song ‘Back to Moshate’ was about getting more love from international spaces than back home.

Over time Batswana and Botswana media have really backed me in my endeavors, from online media, Facebook blogs, social media commentators, independent podcasts and the mainstream media.

It is an amazing feeling to have your people pour into you!

The power of media is so important because it informs and entertains.

I certainly wouldn’t have the ears of Batswana, if I didn’t get the coverage of local media.

Ke a leboga (thank you).

What’s your view on Botswana’s Hip Hop industry?

Amazing talent and great energy.

I’ve always yearned for us to document culture and tell our own stories.

What Scar is doing with Podicast is such an amazing initiative, Megokgo also have launched and are pushing music as a collective of OGs that have been in the business for a long time.

It’s amazing to see the ones who came before us grow in the space and push culture forward.

With us, we’re forming a new way of moving as upcoming artists: it’s collaboration over competition because we’re all too important to let ego get in the way of crafting culture.

Ban-T came in on fire, and is now expanding his brand to merchandise and putting together shows.

Veezo got a whole BBC feature.

You look around and get evidence of how all your wildest ambitions are possible.

I’m motivated to be in this space.

Music-wise, we have taken a backseat to Amapiano, but that’s fine because everybody has a season, we can’t be hot forever.

It’s up to us now to find a way to tap into the current soundscapes and connect with Batswana.

Speaking of Veezo View, he was one of the heavyweights you beat off to win Best Hip Hop Artist. What does such a win mean for you?

It’s the award I wanted the most.

I was competing with more than just artists – but brands who are revered in this country.

I was always confident in the music, that was no issue, but the real win was getting people to buy into a single vision and vote KX Legit.

We produced the best campaign the YAMAs has seen, and that’s not ego and arrogance, it’s reality.

That’s also a big nod to my partner in content creation, Michael Keeditse, who has been shooting content with me every weekend since February.

Awards are great but it’s important to remain consistent in the main thing which is the music.

I was nominated with people I would love to get on verses and collaborate with.

I’m sure if they weren’t aware of me, now they are, and now we can build forward together.

What projects can we expect from you going forward?

My new song ‘Damage’ featuring CoolNerrd drops today (Friday 17 November).

You can find it on all streaming platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube), if you want a free download just send me a DM.

More than that, I’m excited to produce content and campaigns for other artists and brands.

Marketing, Analytics & Consumer Psychology is my niche.

I have a Masters Degree in that field, and unfortunately you find amazing products with poor reach and relatability.

Do hit me up and let’s produce an award winning campaign for your brand, like we did with the YAMAs.

Last movie you watched?

Stuart Little.

Last song you listened to?

Charma Gal, ‘Banyana’.

Five things people don’t know about you?

1. I rarely listen to my own music
2. I have a five-year plan to get into Politics
3. I am a web and social media analyst
4. I am a Botswana Top Achiever. I returned from my studies in UK this year
5. In 2022 I performed at a sold-out O2 Academy Islington (UK)

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