Celeb edition with Chabuya Nature and Sour Man BW

Sharon Mathala
POWER COUPLE: Chabuya Nature and Sour Man

He is one half of Chabuya Nature and Sour Man BW music group.

Their song Skelem Key, which is adored by many is one of the most viewed songs in the country earning them top nominations at this year’s Botswana Musician Union (BOMU) awards.

Celeb Edition puts the spotlight on Sour Man this week

For those who have probably heard your song, but did not know who is behind it, how would you introduce yourself?

I would say my Government name is Edwin Kane, from a village called Kopong but I go by stage name Sour man BW.

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I am half of the group Chabuya Nature and sour man BW of the trending hit song Skelem key.

I was born and bred in Kopong.

I am a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial design graduate, and overall I am a musician.

I started music as a traditional dancer at school and also joined a local traditional dance group.

And how would you say the pandemic has affected your growth?

Two years without income, with no performances, meant we used our personal finances for studio recording and obviously that has meant digging deep into our already shallow pockets.

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Our music was shared a lot but people did not know who we were, and I will tell you, people even thought our song belonged to a South African artist and so to answer you, I believe we would be very far if it were not for the pandemic with all it’s limiting protocols.

And now that Government has announced the re-opening of the economy and hence the music industry how did you receive the news?

Look we have gone for almost two years with no steady income.

It has been bad for us and extremely difficult.

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I mean at one point we had the most trending song but unfortunately, we could not cash on it much because of the restrictions so I guess with the announcement of the opening things will get a little better with regards to our finances.

How did your stage name Sour man BW come about?

(laughs) well back when I was still doing traditional music, we were at the studio recording when one of the guys said to me “O botlhoko’ which when translated to English means sour, as in someone who is dangerous when it comes to music.

So yeah that is how it all came about.

Oh ok, nice to know. So if you were to become President for one day what is the first thing you would do?

If I were to wake up and be the President of this nation I would give a little more voice to the Youth.

I believe the youth are future leaders and so they need to be given a chance to participate in decision-making from an early stage.

What is the one realisation you have come to as a result of the pandemic?

I have realised that most people lack education on how to stand up for their rights.

Interesting, so tell me five things people don’t know about you?

• I am a man who loves God, I am a Christian and I believe in God.
• I grew up not knowing who my father is
• I have never smoked or indulged in any drugs, in fact I abhor drugs and I always use any opportunity to advice against them.
• I want a celebrity for a wife, a person who is in the same industry as me
• I am on a relationship with Tlholego Nature Sonny who is also my partner in music, and goes by the name Chabuya Nature. We are one, we do everything together.

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