The power of the tongue

Sharon Mathala
Resego Motlhokathari

30-year-old Resego Motlhokathari has fast established himself as one of the most sought after personalities in the country.

Despite boasting less than ten years experience in the radio and TV industry, the charming presenter has risen to the top of his trade.

The laidback, tall ‘dark chocolate’ hosts The Voice’s SHARON MATHALA for a lively catch up about surviving in the jungle that is the entertainment world.

The silver-tongued star proves a hard man to track down.

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Juggling between appearances, TV and Radio, Motlhokathari barely has time to sit in one place.

Finally, after a week of trying, the interview takes place….

Thank you for sparing time to talk to us. Briefly describe yourself to those who have never heard of you or your work?

Thank you so much for having me. To sum it up, I would say I am a typical Tswana boy from the village.

I am a black child who believed in his dreams and took strides to make them valid.

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I am a child of God and I believe I am here to do great things as well as help those around me and those I haven’t met.

When did you decide to join the entertainment industry?

Even if you ask those I schooled with from Junior to Senior school, they will tell you I always said, ‘You will read about me, see me on TV, hear me on radio one day!’ In a way I was speaking things into existence.

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I always recited these words, whenever one made fun of me for either my voice, colour or height.

Since then I always believed in the power of the tongue.

And here I am right now talking to The Voice’s Big Interview!

Indeed you have made it! So, Who/what inspired your career choice?

I grew up watching lots of TV and listening to the radio.

But I would say the people who really inspired me to want to join the industry are Kago Setshogo, Fenny Letswiti and Thuso Letlhoma.

This was because I always connected with their work even though I did not know them personally.

If it was not the life of glitz and glam, what other career path would you have taken?

I am a qualified IT graduate but because of my voice I tried this and that.

I have had an ‘8 to 5’ job before, up until 2018. I am into Training (learning and development) PR and Marketing.

I have had the privilege of getting jobs that made me practice within those paths.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

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(Laughing) My friends will tell you that ‘Resego o rata phounu’ (Resego likes his phone).

I always tell them knowledge is power. I like to know everything around me and what is happening around the world, so I check my phone and immediately log onto the Internet.

Tell us about your time at My Star, leading up to radio.

I was part of My Star from 2012 until last year. I recently joined Letlhabile that airs every Tuesday on BTV.

Before I joined My Star, I was part of Duma FM and that is where my love for radio really developed.

I knew that was my calling. Then, in 2013 I joined RB2 where I am a News Reader, Radio Presenter.

My Star television show really shaped my career, made me a better presenter on both TV and radio.

What are some of the hardships that come with being in the entertainment industry?

Good question. Umm, I would say people think they own you and can control you.

I always tell people that when someone hurts you, they know you will hurt. So even all the negative comments people always say they have their intentions.

But I always become the bigger person. I have learnt to lean on prayer. With prayer comes great power!

Most of your peers, and those before you, have fallen foul of alcohol and drug abuse. Why is it that so many people in the limelight fall prey to this, and how have you avoided it?

I honestly don’t know how to answer that because it differs from one person to the other.

But I would say that when it is your time to shine, you will attract a whole lot of people.

You will get invitations from friends, events and it becomes just too much; those things will never end.

With the pressure, most people tend to depend on alcohol and drugs to cope.

This industry really is not for the faint hearted! If you come into the industry not understanding who you are, it will define who you are.

What is the most valuable piece of advice your parents gave you?

My mother told me, rather be alone than be unhappy. That is why I always distance myself from people/situations that leave me feeling empty.

Contentment is very important.

If you could,what would you change about your childhood?

Absolutely nothing. I believe what my guardians did then was ‘then’ the right thing that has shaped me to the gentleman I have become.

I shall forever thank them. All that has happened in my life has taught me patience, hardwork and that nothing is easy in life.

You need to work if you want results, because now I know better, I do better all the time!

You are quite influential on social media, how do you use your influence to positively change the lives of your peers?

I find joy all the time when someone tells me how Ihave contributed to their life, either on radio or through my writing.

I think soon we should translate that into TV, hint, hint!

I also want to help people so that they can help other people through the power of finding inner peace.

That is the foundation of everything; find peace and joy in yourself then the world will give you twice that.

Can you recall an incident off the top of your head where you had a rude encounter with a fan or follower?

(Laughs) Well I was not feeling well on the day and this person approached me asking for a quick photo.

I tried to explain to the lady that I could not but she was having none of it. She went on to write on Facebook gore I am big headed and rude.

But hey, the show must go on. It’s okay to meet such people because not everybody should agree with you or like you.

Tell us about your new deal with NIVEA?

I have joined the NIVEA family as part of a campaign for their new range of products.

If feels good to be approached by a big international company to sell their brand through you.

And I hope with our collaboration it goes on to open doors to many endorsements locally and internationally.

STAR: Motlhokathari

Local Event hosts (MCs) often complain about getting paid peanuts. Without mentioning names, have you experienced this and how much were you offered?

That’s a really painful subject. You get booked because someone has seen your work or knows and understands the impact of your brand.

For you to be on stage there is a whole lot that comes to play: camera crew, videographer, makeup artist and most importantly attire, which comes with a cost.

It really baffles me everytime when people want to pay less for quality service.

I think the worst I have been offered was P2, 000 – can you imagine!

Let’s put it to rest, how is your relationship with fellow media personality, Khumo Kgwaadira?

Bathong kgang hle keye! Our relationship is very nice and healthy. Next question please!

Fair enough. So, is Mr. Mothokathari taken?

I will not comment on this one. (Laughs) Maybe, maybe NOT!

What do you do when you are not infront of the mic or cameras?

You might think I am joking but I simply stay home. I feel complete and can easily interact with my inner self without any distractions.

No one can give you inner peace apart from yourself, people do not owe you anything.

So when I am not on radio, TV or making an appearance I just stay home.

What is the one thing that really ticks you off?

We need to live purposeful lives because if we don’t then why are you alive? Why do you wake up in the morning? Why do you go to work? Know why you live and what you want and find ways of getting that.

I do not like people or rather someone who just exists and does not LIVE!

I feel it is a waste of God’s talent because we are all talented, just that some haven’t realised their talents.

And on that note, Thank God It’s Friday, what will you be up to this weekend?

On Friday I have a cake judging competition at Railpark Mall, before I go read news.

Then on Saturday, I need to lay a friend of mine to rest at Mochudi. Other than that I’ll be home as per usual.

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