PPP not going anywhere!

Daniel Chida
STAY AWAY: Moathodi


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The budding bromance between Tonota’s newly elected Member of Parliament (MP) PonoMoathodi and President MokgweetsiMasisi was one of the main talking points to emerge from Tuesday’s swearing in of MPs.

PPP was a constant visitor to the President’s desk throughout the parliamentary session.
His actions caused more than a few raised eyebrows.
However, the charismatic politician was typically blunt when quizzed on his behavior, saying anyone offended by actions could ‘go to hell’.
Moathodi, who beat the Botswana Democratic Party’s (BDP) Thapelo Olopeng to regain the constituency he lost in 2014, explained his friendship with Masisi dates back a long way.

“I have long maintained a cordial relationship with Masisi while still at the BDP and my presence at UDC does not deter me from interacting with him and it never will. He is my brother, I was a passionate and close friend to his late brother and I still maintain those family ties,” stated the former Deputy Speaker, adding he could not understand why people ‘jump out’ of their skins whenever he interacts with Masisi.

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Although the rumour mongers speculated the pair’s friendship could signal a PPP return to the BDP, Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) Vice President, DumelangSaleshando remained unconcerned.

He dismissed Moathodi’s actions as normal chat between parliamentary colleagues.

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“That’s just PPP. If people suspect he will defect, I think that they are very wrong,” remarked Saleshando, who as ever was the picture of calm.

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