Fighting over the beast

WORLD CUP WINNER: Tendai Mtawarira

Born and raised in Zimbabwe but now a South African by naturalization, just where does Tendai Mtawarira, South Africa’s rugby star belong?

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Well, the answer should be obvious.

However, after The Beast, as he is well known, was one of the shining stars of the Springboks victory in the World Cup on Saturday, people from both countries are laying a claim to him.

I found the ‘fight’ quite hilarious, especially when Zimbos declared the World Cup triumph was also theirs, much to the annoyance of some South Africans.

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While Mtawarira may have been born and bred in Harare, the reality is that he is now a South African, playing for that country’s national rugby team hence the victory is indeed that of South Africa not Zimbabwe as some would like to believe.

The least we can say as Zimbos is that the victory is for Africa since the Springboks were playing against a European nation (England) but certainly not for our country.

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Yes we are happy for Mtawarira but the man long denounced his Zim citizenship as our government does not allow dual citizenship.

He made a choice to be South African because of the opportunities in that country seeing as our rivers of opportunities were fast running dry in his land of birth.

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If our country had been governed well, maybe, just maybe Mtawarira could still be in Zimbabwe and who knows, maybe Zimbabwe could also be counted amongst the great rugby nations!

It’s a pity that millions of people born and raised in Zimbabwe are now scattered all over the world mainly as economic refugees.

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The joke is really on the past and current government which has failed to run the country and led to millions crossing borders in search of better living conditions.

Anyway, back to the ‘fight’ over The Beast between some Zimbos and South Africans. Below are some of the Tweets trigged by a comment from one Henry Munangatire from Zimbabwe, who wrote … “Tendai ‘The Beast’ Mtawarira 1st black Zimbabwean to be part of a world cup winning side.”

MhlaveNdhina: “Rather say Zimbabwe born, he’s now a South African citizen and plays for our national team. Stop feeding us your Zimbabwe r****sh, it’s our time to celebrate. Thank you.”

Milah: “I have never seen ‘The Beast’ celebrating being Zim not even a single day, he once said… ‘I am a South African at heart. I love this country. It has become my home, it is everything to me.’ Zim failed its people, period, leave the victory to SA please.”

Sir Luther: “Tendai is our adopted son, stop claiming him. Zim didn’t win anything and Zim will never win any world cup in our lifetime.”

Tinashe: “Great day for South Africa not Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe lost its talent, there is no benefit to Zimbabwe on that move. Our own Sables (Zim Rugby team) are mediocre here.”

Taffy: “Does he have a Zimbabwean passport, I don’t think he is a Zimbabwean anymore. We lost the right to him a long time ago.”

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