Overthrust honour late member with album

Big Weekend
Overthrust album

Heavy rockers Overthrust have released a five-track album, ‘Suicide Torment’ named after their late drummer.

Bursting with raw emotion, the hard-hitting LP includes frenzied drumbeats, deep, guttural vocals and dark, underground guitar rifts.

The sound is a throwback to rock royalty Morbid Angel and the rest of Florida old school death metal bands.

Brutal drum attacks, relentless almost primitive riffs tear like a dull blade and give the album a real sense of something special.

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Explaining the inspiration behind the music, band leader, Vulture Thrust told Big Weekend it was a special dedication to their fallen comrade.

“Our drummer was hit by a car and died during the last festive period. His loss caused us too much pain and anger. That led to all our new songs being composed with maximum brutality, too much aggression and a dangerous mood. It is in honour of our late brother.”

Tracks on the explosive album include: Victims of Curse, Territory of Death, Genital Surgery, Suicide Torment and Kill The Bastard.

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