Miss Botswana Pro jumps ship

Leungo Mokgwathi

Miss Botswana Organisation has suffered a major set back following the resignation of lead Communications and Public Relations Officer Tshepiso Solomon just two months before the Miss World Grande Finale.

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Solomon has been the heartbeat of the pageantry, and has been credited with revitalising the brand and changing the perception about the pageant and the organisation itself.

“Under her guidance, the Miss Botswana brand went from an era clouded with negativity to receiving widespread acclaim and admiration throughout Lesego Chombo’s reign,” read a media statement.

When reached for comment, Tshepi S as she’s popularly known revealed that theirs was an amicable parting as she had to focus on more personal projects.

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“I have been with them for a year now and it was now time for me to focus on other endeavours,” she said.

Questioned on why she couldn’t see Chombo to the finale, she said, “that was the initial intention, however, Miss World kept pushing the date forward, and I eventually had to leave before the finale. I’m however still involved although not as committed as I was initially,” she told Voice Online.

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Miss Botswana CEO Benjamin Raletsatsi also attested to Solomon’s departure having been mutually agreed upon by both parties.

“Tshepi is the love of our lives and she will be sorely missed, however, she was looking to focus on other personal projects so we had to let her go,” said Raletsatsi, who further said Tshepi S would still be a part of the Miss Botswana family, although not as hands on as before.

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He further revealed that Solomon’s partnership with the brand was based on a contract which ended a few months back. “Her contract ended about three months back, but I kept nagging her to stay because she was such a vital asset,” Raletsatsi said.

The organisers will now have their hands full in their search for a new queen, as they’ll also have to find someone to replace the resourceful Tshepi S.

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