A thumbs up for Ghetto

Kitso Ramono
CENTRAL Police Acting Station Commander: Douglas Khumalo

Police happy with Francistowners’ behavior during holidays

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Francistowners have been given a thumbs up by the Botswana police for their excellent and exemplary behaviour during the long Independence holidays.

Central Police Acting Station Commander, Douglas Khumalo, told The Voice Online that since the start of their Independence Police Operation on September 29th to October 4th, they have not recorded any serious crimes.

“We are quite impressed by the way the Francistown people conducted themselves over the holidays,” he said.

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The Acting Station Commander said this was commendable as usually this time of the year is characterised by serious cases such as murder, rape and fatal road accidents.

“Despite the fact that these were such long holidays, Batswana here in Francistown carried themselves well and responsibly,” he said.

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He however warned that there’re a few bad eggs in the city who continue to be an eyesore especially around the city’s night clubs.

“We have three night clubs in Francistown and there’s a disturbing trend where patrons hangout by the club parking’s lot in the morning to continue with their drinking spree well after the closing time,” said Khumalo.

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He said their biggest concern is that these people who usually drive home drunk are usually involved in road traffic accidents, and are also potential victims of rape, hijackings and robbery.

“We are going to deal with these bad characters,” he warned.

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“During our Independence Operation we made sure we arrested anyone caught consuming liquor in a prohibited area. We made 24 arrests in those four days, and and the perpetrators were charged around P200 to P500 depending on different factors,” Khumalo told The Voice.

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