Man accused of sjamboking white woman for complaining about his loud tunes

Cathrine Moemedi
IN TROUBLE: Tshireletso Baipusi

A Maun man accused of whipping his female neighbour with a sjambok after she complained about his loud music will now face the music in court.

Charged with assault occasioning bodily harm, 37-year-old Tshireletso Baipusi reportedly thrashed Janet Louisa Humphrey black-and-blue after the white women asked him to turn his tunes down.

The incident dates back to 3 July 2023, when Baipusi was pumping out music from his car stereo at his home in the tourist town’s Tsanekona ward, much to his neighbour’s annoyance.

Having previously accepted the statements of four of the prosecution’s witnesses: the medical officer who attended the complainant, the Investigating Officer and two eye-witnesses, Humphrey was due to be the only witness to take to the stand, after Baipusi demanded the chance to cross-examine her evidence.

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However, this week the suspect sang a different tune.

Baipusi’s newly-hired attorney, Charles Tlagae told court his client had a chance of heart and wanted to question the other four witnesses as well.

“We have just been engaged in the matter. My instructions are to withdraw any admissions that were made previously and all the prosecution witnesses be called to take a stand,” explained Tlagae.

Visibly frustrated, the Prosecutor, Modiri Kegapetswe noted Baipusi had never previously shown any desire to engage a lawyer, adding they will need time to call the other witnesses as they came prepared with just one.

Postponing the case to next year, Magistrate Gofaone Mosweu admitted,” The court was also reluctant to proceed with trial with only one witness.”

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If found guilty, the accused woman-beater could be jailed for up to five years, with possible corporal punishment to add injury to incarnation.

The matter has been set for 25 and 27 February 2025 for trial.

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