Kalanga/Naija flick impressive

Grooving in the Ghetto
MC Umaga

A drama led by funnyman,MC Umaga (born Jethro Ndebele), and produced by Nollywood crew, Ndmax Movies Production, promises to be one of the most interesting local productions.

From the snippests released by Umaga, the flick is packed with comedy as Kalanga and Nigerian cultures and accents clash.

The 36-year-old graduate of AFDA School of Film teamed up with Ndmax Chief Executive Officer, Sylvanus Nduoma, in late February to work on a locally inspired movie shot at his home village of Natale.

The Nigerian crew is expected to leave at the end of this month where Umaga will host another crew from the UK to work on a movie earmarked for the African Film Festival.

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Release dates for the Natale-based movie are yet to be revealed, but according to Umaga, the moment of truth is close.

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