It’s not over yet says Chamisa

Sinqobile Tessa
Opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa

Opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa has come out guns blazing, accusing President elect, Emmerson Mnangangwa of performing a coup on the ballot; adding that enough is enough.

Mnangagwa was declared a winner of the heavily criticized election and as he prepares to start his second and last term in office, the opposition has declared that they will not wait for another five years to effect change.

“Mnangagwa has perfomed a coup since 2008, a coup on the ballot, 2017 a coup on elected leader…He has repeated again, 2023, a coup on the ballot. You can’t survive these too many times. This time no further, we have drawn a line in the sand,” said Chamisa in his first media briefing since the announcement of results.

“There will be change in Zimbabwe, whether ZanuPF people like it or not. It’s not going to be easy but there shall be change. We won’t wait for five years, there has to be change now and we are going to lead to make sure it happens,” he said.

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The opposition says it has evidence that elections were rigged and that they will be using that to fight on.

This is not the first time for the opposition to dispute election results. In the past they approached the courts but found no joy and it remains to be seen how they will fight their cause this time around.

Meanwhile in his address earlier, Mnangagwa dismissed criticism by observers, maintaining that he won the election fairly and would not be distracted by sore losers.

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