Grooving in the Ghetto Friday 22 September 2023

Grooving in the Ghetto
L-R: Dr Vom & Mingo Touch


The duo of Afro Rhumba Stars has released a six-track album titled ‘Sa le ba hirile’.

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The album includes songs like ‘Landlord, ‘Fa a re 1 kare 2’, ‘Ke a lela’, ‘Buang le bana’, ‘Ema ka dinao’, and ‘Thula mabota’.

Grooving in the Ghetto Friday 22 September 2023
Afro Rhumba Stars

The group’s unmistakable DNA is evident in all the songs as they address different social ills in the society.

The group touches on topics such as corruption, especially on issues dealing with human resource and recruitment in Botswana, which the artists feel is money based.

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Read a full interview with the Stars next week.

Rating: 8/10

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A beauty pageant that aims to promote and preserve Kalanga culture will be held on September,29th at Shumba Lodge in Tutume.

Event host, Eunice Gure says the mandate of the event is not only to entertain but to educate and inspire individuals of all ages about the significance of Botswana’s cultural heritage.

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“The event’s focus is on the iKalanga culture, providing an avenue for a broader audience to gain a deeper understanding of the tradition, art and fashion that defines this unique facet of our national identity,” she said.

The event’s activities include, a beauty pageant, fashion show, Kalanga traditional games and dance.

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Entertainment by artists such as Mingo Touch, Richboi, Cana BW and many more. Bobo or Quin of Laughter as she’s known will be the MC.

A standard ticket is P60, P100 for two people and P150 VIP.


Bana Bana Ba Ntogwa will host the inaugural Ramojakga Annual Festival in Ramokgwebana on Independence Day.

The charity and anti-crime event features Village Development Committees (VDCs) from the four villages of Ramokgwebana, Moroka, Jackalas and Kgari.

The 12 Nation #Remmogo, an umbrella of musicians including Dr Vom, MC Maswe, Tjilenje The Ngwao, Madala vs KellyJes, Acuz and six others will perform at the event meant to raise funds for the four villages to combat high rising crime rate.

The funds are to buy protective gear, flashlights, horses or motorbikes needed for night patrols.

The event is supported by Fours Cash and Carry who paid P20 000 for sound, area Member of Parliament and Councilors who pledged to purchase 1 500 tickets.

Chitawa Lodge was also secured for free, while Bobbies pledged chickens for relish.

Tickets for the event cost P50 before 10pm, P70 after 10pm, P80 for two and P150 VIP.

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