Grooving In The Ghetto – August 11, 2023

Grooving in the Ghetto


The annual Augustus Festival returns to Palapye on the 26th of August at the Community Hall.

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The 6pm to 6am rock fest has one of the most brutal line-ups in the local rock scene.

Presented by metal pounders Wrust, the initial line-up includes High Voltage, Rokara, Samehunduans and Skinflint, with T.H.A.B.O as the MC.

The line-up will get even better in the coming weeks according to the organizers.

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Tickets are P70 and P100 after 10pm.


Still on a rock-themed gig guide, metal heads will head to Letlhakane on 22nd September for a two-night rock show.

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The ‘Rock the Nation 11’ concert is slated for 22nd-23rd at Urbanites Gardens.

Grooving In The Ghetto – August 11, 2023

So far confirmed bands include Stane, Skinflint, Overthrust, Dust N Fire, Remuda, Eternal Katastrophy, Mass Media Samehunduans and Bankrupt Souls. Entry is P100.

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Legendary French black metal group, Manzer will be in town at the start of December for the annual Rockcember show.

This was revealed by Skinflint lead guitarist and vocalist, Giuseppe Sbrana on the group’s Facebook page.

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The group will be in Francistown on 1st December and in Gaborone on the 2nd.

Grooving In The Ghetto – August 11, 2023

Manzer, famous for their brand of rock n roll known as Pictavian black metal, hails from Pictavia region in western France.

The group’s influence dates back to the 80s and they are known for great albums such as ‘Beyond the Iron Portal’, ‘Hexecution’ and ‘Bastards’.

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