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FLASHBACK: Marriage did not last for Charma Gal and Kabelo Mogwe

Charma Gal and Kabelo Mogwe break up.

Whilst it is not known exactly when Charma Gal and Kabelo Mogwe realised their marriage was over, it was this week back in 2015 that reports first emerged of the power couple’s looming split.

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To add fire to the flames, Charma Gal was pictured without her hubby at the Khawa Dune Festival.

The reports proved to be spot on, with the Culture Spears pair officially divorcing in 2016.

Since then, Charma Gal has gone on to enjoy a stellar solo career.

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The duo eventually smoked the peace pipe and, although it took years, have even taken to the stage together in recent times.

Time does indeed heal!

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