‘Feed me!’

Gofaone Koogotsitse

Accused killer complains of hunger

Despite the deadly serious allegations against him, a man accused of murder seemed more worried about prison’s poor kitchen service rather than the charge hanging over his head.

Appearing before Molepolole Magistrates’ Court last Thursday, 40-year-old Bathusi Loki complained that he had only eaten twice since his arrest two days earlier.

“I was only given food around 11am and the following day on Wednesday at 2pm. Thereafter, I was escorted by the police to the scene, leaving the owner of the yard at the police station. I haven’t eaten anything till this Thursday as I am standing before court. I want to know how long it takes for someone to eat while arrested,” enquired the Sojwe resident.

Loki’s struggle for food stems from his apparent inability to handle his drink.

He is suspected to have beaten up his friend, Baboloki Mokhutsaphuti, 33, after a Saturday of heavy drinking in the village.

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Mokhutsaphuti, who died two days later on 15th August, is said to have told his mother he was assaulted by Loki and was feeling unwell.

His mum subsequently reported the matter to the police.

It seems the two men had been drinking at View Chibuku depot, when Loki asked Mokhutsaphuti and a mutual friend to accompany him to a certain yard.

Upon arrival, he allegedly attacked the yard’s owner, with his shocked friends rushing to break up the fight.

After the scuffle, Loki reportedly turned his anger on Mokhutsaphuti, angry with his mate for stopping the brawl.

During the struggle, the duo fell to the floor.

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The next day Mokhutsaphuti complained of abdominal pains and was eventually taken to the clinic and later referred to Scottish Livingstone Hospital where he sadly died.

Meanwhile, the magistrate ordered prosecution to investigate the issue of food before remanding Loki in custody till 12th September.

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