Father sodomises 4-year-old daughter


Hukuntsi Magistrates’ Court has remanded in prison custody a 43-year-old Night Watchman accused of having anal sex with his four-year-old biological daughter.

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The police revealed that the sexual abuse occurred last Friday when the girl was left with her father when the mother went to work.

“Later on in the evening when the mother was bathing her, she started complaining about pains in the abdomen and anus. At night when the girl wouldn’t stop complaining about pain, the mother questioned her and she spilled the beans, telling her mother that her father made her to bend over while he inserted his manhood in her anus,” the court heard.

In the morning, the girl’s mother reported the matter to the police, who took the girl to the hospital for medical examination and arrested the father.

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Tshane Police Station Commander, Superintendent Vusimuzi Jorowe, confirmed to this publication that they are investigating a case in which the suspect, who is the biological father, appeared before court on Monday facing a charge of incest.

“It is the first case of its kind in our policing area. we used to receive such reports three years back but they involved girls around the ages of 14. This is a very sensitive case involving a minor, parents should always protect their children by all means,” said the concerned police boss.

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The accused father will be back in court from prison on July 25th, 2022.

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