Father gets 15 years for raping daughter

Christinah Motlhabane
JAILED: Pervert father

A Francistown Magistrates court yesterday slapped a 47-year-old Tatisiding man with a 15-year jail sentence for raping his biological daughter who was aged 14 when the incident occurred

The heinous crime occurred sometime in 2020 at Ngwenya ward where the father and daughter, who cannot be named for ethical reasons, were staying together.

In court, it emerged that the evil father gave the victim a blue tablet as she was complaining of headache.

The court noted that the father deliberately gave the victim the pill, knowing its sedative effects.

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After his daughter fell asleep, he unbuttoned her clothes and had sexual intercourse with her.

When the child woke up, she realised her genitalia was tempered with and that was when the matter was reported to the police.

When the father was taken to court, he pleaded not guilty to the charge.

“The victim had to suffer giving evidence in court facing the person who birthed her. The father was supposed to be the victim’s protector not pervert. Sexual assault cases are at an alarming rate and courts have to pass sentences that will send messages to other people thinking of committing the same offences,” said Magistrate Game Mooketsi.

In passing sentence, the Magistrate also highlighted the fact that the father did not show any remorse when given the chance to give his mitigatory circumstances, as he opted not to say anything.

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She added that the convict is an adult so there was no justification as he was driven by lust.

“His actions were well calculated. By giving her the tablet he knew what he was doing. I therefore sentence the convict to 15 years in prison and it will be backdated to the 30th of May, the time he was convicted,” concluded Magistrate Mooketsi.

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