Enjoy ‘Kobotelwa’

Grooving in the Ghetto
DJ Tazoe and Skeem B

A Zimbabwean based in Botswana singing in the Zambian language of Tonga: all are true of DJ Tazoe’s latest single ‘Kobotlewa’.

Set for release this week, the track, the 29-year-old’s fourth to date, translates as ‘enjoying’ and is an uplifting, fun-filled melody with a bouncing beat that demands you pump up the volume.

Having only made his debut in the music industry last April, DJ Tazoe has made up for lost time, averaging a single every four months since then.

The Ghetto-based singer features his talented girlfriend, Skeem B, 21, on his new jam, which could well become the toast of the town.

RATING: A solid 7/10

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