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LOOKING GOOD: The Mompatis with their special portrait

Boitekanelo College say ‘Thanks’ in Ghetto

Last Friday, management from Boitekanelo College left their Tlokweng base on a special mission, making the long journey north to Francistown to say ‘thank you’ to two of its long-term stakeholders.

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For the last 15 years, proud Ghetto institutes, Nyangabgwe Referral Hospital and Tati Riverside Hospital have played an important part in the college’s growth by taking in students on attachment.

To express their appreciation, Boitekanelo donated five wheelchairs and ten drip stands to Nyangabgwe.

Receiving the donation, worth P80, 000 in total, the hospital’s grateful Superintendent, Dr Ivan Kgetse praised the choice of gifts, noting both were desperately needed.

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“Wheelchairs and drip stands are two of the most commonly needed commodities in our hospital, as patients are transported from one ward to the next and most, if not all, admitted patients are always on drip. So this will come in handy in assisting our hospital to provide quality health care to patients,” Kgetse said.

In the afternoon, it was Riverside’s turn to bask in the adulation, as the college held an appreciation luncheon for the private hospital’s founders, husband and wife doctor duo, Kgosidialwa Mompati and Dorcas Mompati.

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The couple were also given a large portrait of their favorite image together, as well as a travel bag for him and a handbag for her.

“Boitekanelo College produces quality healthcare students who are very effective in industrial attachment and always impress patients. We appreciate you guys because you started as a small tree and have grown into a big tree that is now providing us with abundant fruits, which are your graduates, towards our country’s development,” said K. Mompati, adding of their current 272 clinical personal, 80 are Boitekanelo graduates.

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Speaking on behalf of the college, Boitekanelo President, Dr. Tiroyaone Mampane gave a heartfelt thanks to both institutions for providing valuable on-the-job training to their students.

“We thank the two organisations for providing our students with the opportunity to learn and realise their dreams while also developing into good and trusted healthcare workers as a result of the rich experience you provide them. We are extremely proud of our collaboration with both institutions in contributing to Botswana’s economy,” Dr. Mampane stated.

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