Dirty dad begs for lawyer

Cathrine Moemedi
SUSPECT: The accused dad
  • With prison looming, man accused of raping daughter cries for legal help

While his wife was away in confinement after giving birth, a 45-year-old man is suspected to have eased his sexual desires by repeatedly raping his 12-year-old biological daughter.

The accused, a native of Tsau village who cannot be named for legal reasons, was arrested on 22 August 2019 after a Health and Safety Officer at the girl’s school detected a ‘foul smell’ emanating from her genitalia.

Upon gentle interrogation, she reportedly confessed her father had been molesting her for some time.

The little girl claimed she had been raped by her dad the previous night and that her 14-year-old brother had sexually abused her for the first time that very morning.

Addressing Maun Magistrate Court on Tuesday, the Investigating Officer (IO) Onalethata Motlhapisi said during investigations, the girl revealed her brother only violated her once whereas her dad did it repeatedly.

“There is another case of sexual assault that the victim reported in which the father ordered her to incriminate another person,” disclosed Motlhapisi, adding the brother, being a minor, was charged separately and the matter handed over to social welfare officers.

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Maintaining his innocence during cross examination, the suspect told court the police arrested him at his house but did not tell him why.

“When I asked, they said that I had molested my daughter. I do not know where they say it happened because she never demonstrated to them where and how it happened!” he rambled.

Having originally opted to represent himself during the trial, just before he was due to make his unsworn testimony, the accused requested an attorney.

“I now realise that this case might put me behind bars, I want to engage an attorney,” he declared.

In a brief interview with Motlhapisi outside court, the IO told The Voice the victim is currently staying in Francistown as her mother refused to kick the father out and is still living with him. She is said to have moved on from several homes as she struggles to fit in due to the effects of the sexual molestation.

“She now has a problem of fitting in as she is sexually active. There are some cases of her assaulting other kids. We are hoping for the case to be finalised so that she can be taken back home,” said Motlhapisi.

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The court is set to make a ruling this Thursday (19 May) on whether to allow the suspect, who is currently out on bail, an attorney at the last stage of his defence or proceed since he previously declined the option.

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