Diggy’s milky tears


Shaya was one of the many who eagerly tuned in to this week’s Dignash Live interview with the ever expressive and always explosive, ATI.

I have chosen to take a step back from discussing anything that has to do with the ‘Khiring Khorong’ hit-maker and whatever internal struggles he is currently fighting, except to wish him the best of luck.

ATI’s is a once-in-a-generation talent and I hope he can get the best out of it.

Anyway, during the interview, Diggy mentioned feeling left out of the media circus that surrounded American comedian Steve Harvey’s visit to the country last year.

Apparently Diggy feels he should have been the host of the show because he is ‘more deserving’.

The radio personality further cried foul at being overlooked for the President’s inauguration as some people felt he did not cut it.

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Well, well Diggy, it’s high time you got over it my man.

Stop crying over spilled milk and start getting the most out of the cow!

I mean Shaya was not even invited to the inauguration, can you imagine the liver!

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