Chillin Out Friday 06 October, 2023

PASSED OUT: Intoxicated patron after a long night


It’s Shaya’s favourite season of the year when there’s festival after festival which means plenty of groove, and most importantly, the most opportune time when Yours Truly’s spyglass will be working overtime to bring you the juiciest gossip.

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Hot news from the long weekend is South African songstress Paige who has seemingly made social media rants her new hobby.

Chillin Out Friday 06 October, 2023

During one of her recent venting sessions, Paige shamed BW promoters for being shady!

Since she claims that she has delivered free performances at several events because promoters didn’t pay up, Shaya wonders why she has decided to speak out and retaliate now.

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While the calling out of promoters is good for customers who are getting swindled, it might be bad news for promoters who have been trying to make an honest living, so PP and company better get to work soon!


Speaking of shady promoters, it appears that our struggling and desperate watch dogs may have crossed over into the dark side as well.

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Shaya has caught wind of a group of media lads who are now working with printing establishments to fake event tickets.

Word on the street is that after securing their all-access tickets, these gents proceed to make more copies which they sell to the general public.

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While Shaya would be more than happy to name and shame this group, Yours Truly would rather give them a stern warning, which if ignored will inspire that name dropping!


BW Twitter, or BW X, depending on whether you’re in Setlhoa Village or Block 5, has already started the conversation on voter registration, and some individuals have even created online polls to determine the 2024 elections outcome.

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In one of the polls, out of 632 voters, 62.8% voted for UDC, 22.3% voted for BDP and the remaining 14.9% voted for BCP.

Chillin Out Friday 06 October, 2023

These numbers were a bit of a dejavu moment for Shaya, a reminder of 2019 when these online polls became the opposite of reality.

Not to burst anyone’s bubble though, perhaps the last elections has inspired the online community to vote in person this time around instead of posting their vote on Facebook only.


The new norm is to apparently go out as a country every month end and it appears no one wants to be left behind.

An important thing to be noted though, is to know your limits to avoid situations like the one this lady found herself in.

After downing on some Hennessy all night, this woman’s body gave up on her as soon as she sat on the chair, mouth wide open and head hanging in the air.

Shaya can only imagine how sore she must have been the next morning.

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