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Without a trace

Family seek spiritual help to solve missing girl mystery

Promising Form Five student, Tshegofatso Makgatiwane has seemingly disappeared into thin air.

Makgatiwane, 17, left home on October 31st to go to the shops to buy braids to plait her hair.

She has not been seen since.

Concerns are growing over the whereabouts and safety of the missing schoolgirl from Kanye village, who was last seen nine days ago.


Described as ‘extremely intelligent and gifted’ by those that know her, Makgatiwane, a pupil at Seepapitso Senior Secondary School, was in the middle of her Form Five exams when she disappeared.

Fearing the worst, the teenager’s increasingly worried family have turned to the Zion Christian Church’s (ZCC) spiritual guidance in a desperate attempt to locate their missing daughter.

This Wednesday, ZCC members assembled at the family’s home to pray for the child’s safe return.

Indeed, throughout the week, united in their concern for the absent girl, Kanye residents have gathered outside the family’s compound to offer their support.

For Makgatiwane’s puzzled family however, the worry is that as days turn into weeks since their daughter’s disappearance, the chances of finding her alive diminish.

Confident that the diligent student would not miss one of her high school leaver’s exams, on Monday morning Makgatiwane’s expectant family turned up at the school with her uniform as she was scheduled to write an exam that day.

Sadly they waited in vain as the teenager failed to show.

Speaking to The Voice in an interview, the tormented family said they live in hope of seeing their daughter return home alive and well.

One of the child’s teachers at Seepapitso, who commented on condition of anonymity due to the tense and raw feelings currently immersing Kanye, said, “I pray everyday for those closest to the child to advise her to return home, she was one of the school’s brightest students. I hope she will come back alive.”

Confirming Makgatiwane’s reputation as an incredibly gifted student with unlimited potential, Southern Regional Education Director, Acro Maseko said, “Her disappearance shocked the whole Southern education fraternity, we expected a lot from Makgatiwane.

“She is a bright student. We intend to link her up at BOCODOL and help her sit her examinations.”

Meanwhile, Superintendent Sello Ntwaagae of Kanye police confirmed that they are searching for the missing child.

“The search still continues. We have not established where the child could possibly be,” he said, adding that the police had received a tip-off that Makgatiwane had been seen at Glen Valley BDF camp in Gaborone.

However, a search of the camp did not turn up anything.