Noose tightens for Maun cowboy

MURDER ACCUSED: Gopolang Gabanatsela

Bail revoked, and case committed to High Court

Maun Magistrate court has revoked bail of a well known Maun cowboy, Gopolang Gabanatsela, and committed his murder case to the High court.

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Gabanatsela, popularly known as GG, faces a single count of murder, a crime he committed in 2020. The former driver in the department of Information Services in Maun is accused of gunning down Taolo Serapelano, in a scene described by an eye witness as resembling ones in wild wild west cowboy movies.

When presiding over the matter, Maun Chief Magistrate, Thebeetsile Mulalo explained that by committing the case to a higher court, it means Gabanatsela has to make a fresh bail application.

Gabanatsela is said to have hunted down the man after finding out he was keeping a horse which him (GG) has been looking for without success until one fateful Saturday when he drove past and saw Serapelano riding the horse.

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Serapelano then was in company of his cousin, Diphuka Kerepile who has since told of how they escaped when Gabanatsela threatened to shoot them the previous day.

Nonetheless the following morning Gabanatsela is said to have met the two men again, then they were allegedly riding on donkey backs, but this time around Kerepile said, Gabanatsela and his companion grabbed Serapelano and brought him down.

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“They were holding him by the coat and he managed wrestle himself free and took off running. That’s when Gabanatsela opened fire and hit him on the head from the back with a single shot,” Kerepile had told the publication and his family at the deceased’s funeral back in 2020. He said he watched from a safer distance and managed to run for help.

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