Warning shot


Suspected petty thief gets bullet to the thigh

Drowsy with alcohol, a suspected petty thief was left in a bloody heap at the scene of the crime, his thigh pierced by a wayward bullet fired by the police in what was seemingly meant to be a warning shot.

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Limping badly, with the aid of crutches, 21-year-old James Isaac and his alleged accomplice, Oletile Moketo, 25, appeared before Molepolole Magistrates’ Court last Thursday.

The duo are accused of breaking into Dinaledi Bar in Letlhakeng on or about 2nd-3rd June and then helping themselves to booze and bar snacks worth P1,140.

They are then said to have raided a shop in the same complex, this time taking P50.75 in cash.

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However, as they attempted to make their getaway, they reportedly walked straight into a group of policemen and soldiers, who had been tipped off about the robbery.

It is said that in their desperation to escape, Isaac wielded a screwdriver and tried to stab one of the cops.

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He was then sent crumpling to the ground by the ‘warning shot’.

Lodged in his thigh, the bullet was later removed at the hospital.

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Voicing his grievances in court, Isaac said, “I was shot at the time I wanted to steal, I didn’t take anything.

“Ke ne ke tipile, ha ke tipologa, ke thanya ke ya go feta fa pele ga madirelo ke bo ke bona patlha, Fa ke tsena ka phatlha, mapodisi ba bo ba mphula mo seropeng (I was deep in sleep [after drinking]. When I woke up, I passed in front of the premises. I saw a passage and, when I entered into the passage, the police shot me on the thigh.”

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The stolen items, including Black Label beers, Klipdrift Cola, Simba chips and peanuts, were seized by the police and presented as exhibits.

Meanwhile, both Isaac and Moketo were granted bail and are due back in court for mention on 9th October.

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