The Voice hosts virtual Festival

Sharon Mathala
Franco,-Zeus-&-Brown (L-R)

Franco, Amantle Brown and Zeus to headline the show

As public gatherings continue to be prohibited to control and monitor the spread of COVID-19, the entertainment industry remains one of the hardest-hit sectors of the economy.

Several major events have been canceled throughout the year and the December period as announced by the Presidential task force recently will also present a bleak future for entertainers.

To move with the times and adapt to the new normal, Mobile Enterprises, a special projects arm of The Voice Newspaper will on December 12th host never seen before live performances from three local music giants; Franco, Amantle Brown, and Zeus.

To support artists and provide entertainment to revelers, The Voice Newspaper has elected to stream live performances online starting with a 3- hour show.

Vincent Nakedi from Mobile Enterprises pointed out that what was notable is that entertainers have had a rough year because their scope of work entails large crowds which is not permissible under the current conditions.

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“We know that there have been no bookings because album sales don’t really make money anymore and so what better way to support artists than through a virtual concert,” said Nakedi.

He further revealed that plans are underway to host the event regularly.

“With partners on board, plans are afoot to host the virtual concerts more often. I have had the opportunity to attend rehearsals and I can assure you that performers have brought in their A-game.”

The live performances will be streamed Live on The Voice newspaper’s Facebook page. The show will be for 3 hours from 6.30 PM

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