The bee’s knees

Baitshepi Sekgweng
YUMMY GOODNESS: Bee's Eatery delights

Providing a healthy zing with probiotics

Backed by a hungry passion for food inherited from her mother, a passion that was taken to new levels by her own health struggles, Boitshoko Ndlovu started Bee’s Eatery.

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Six years later, the business dedicated to healthy-eating has spread its wings, producing a number of plant-based probiotic foods that are not just good for you but also extremely tasty.

The 42-year-old Nshakazhogwe native recently showcased at the US-Africa Business Summit in Tlokweng, where she caught up with Voice Money for a quick chat.

Talk us through the history behind Bee’s Eatery?

Bee’s Eatery was established as a catering company in 2017. It started with our passion for meal preparation and menu planning. We enjoyed creating easy, delicious and healthy meal plans for our family, friends, and customers.

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From there, we ventured into small meal deliveries, where clients could pre-schedule their orders. In record time, our small, home-based business grew into a plant-based Agro processing business that produces healthy food products, provides meal plans and offers masterclasses to assist customers with respective health challenges and lifestyle linked problems, especially autoimmune related conditions [when the body’s natural defense system can’t tell the difference between your own cells and foreign cells, causing the body to mistakenly attack normal cells].

And what products does Bee’s Eatery produce?

Bee’s Eatery produces a range of plant-based food products. Some of our main offerings include our Kimchi, Curry Kraut, Plain Sauerkraut, and Granola.

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How did the idea for probiotic foods come about?

The idea of probiotic foods stemmed from a deeply personal journey. After experiencing an autoimmune condition for seven years and facing the challenges associated with side effects from medication, I became determined to find natural solutions to support my health.

This and my belief that God desires that we all prosper in Health led me to dive into extensive research and development to explore the potential benefits of probiotics. Through my research, I discovered the remarkable impact that probiotics can have on gut health and overall well-being.

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Recognizing the power of these beneficial bacteria to promote a healthy gut micro biome and support the immune system, I became passionate about incorporating probiotic foods into my own life and sharing their benefits with others.

At Bee’s Eatery we strive to create innovative and delicious probiotic food offerings that contribute to the well-being of our customers.

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For those that aren’t too sure, what exactly is a probiotic?

Probiotic food are nutrient-rich items containing live beneficial bacteria that play a vital role in supporting a healthy microbiome, which leads to numerous benefits.

These include: improved digestion, enhanced nutrient absorption, bolstered immune function, reduced inflammation and better overall gastrointestinal health.

Have you always had a passion to play around with food?

Yes, I have always had a passion for playing around with food and creating delicious and healthy meals. It brings me joy to combine different ingredients and flavors to create nourishing dishes.

My passion for food was nurtured from a young age, greatly influenced by my mother, Constance Ndlovu. She owned a food prep business, and during school holidays, I would eagerly assist her. It was through this experience that I developed a deep appreciation for the art of food preparation and discovered my passion for creating culinary delights.

In fact, working in my mother’s business became my first full-time job after completing Form 5. Her guidance, expertise, and love for food have significantly contributed to shaping my culinary journey and fuelling my passion for exploring the world of flavors and nutrition.

How have your products been received?

The reception for our products has been wonderful. Customers appreciate the unique flavors and the health benefits associated with our probiotic food products. We have received positive feedback and have gained a loyal customer base.

What sets you apart in the market?

Our commitment to customer education and sustainability. We prioritize customer education on gut health and provide practical solutions through our products. Additionally, our focus on organic ingredients and sustainable practices resonates with health-conscious consumers.

The bee’s knees

SUNNY SMILES: Exhibiting at the US-Africa Summit

Organic ingredients normally come with a cost – how much do you charge for your products?

The price ranges of our products vary depending on the specific item and quantity. We offer different packaging sizes to cater to individual needs.

What challenges has the business encountered?

Like any business, we encounter various challenges. Some common challenges include sourcing organic ingredients, managing production costs, and effectively reaching our target audience. However, we continuously strive to overcome these challenges through innovation and adaptability.

Where can one expect to find Bee’s Eatery products?

Currently, Bee’s Eatery products are available for purchase online through our social media pages. We have established a convenient online platform where customers can explore our product offerings and place orders. We strive to make the ordering process seamless and provide timely delivery options for our valued customers.

In addition to our online presence, Squaremart will be our next stockist. You will find a selection of our probiotic food products at Squaremart, a local retailer dedicated to providing quality and innovative local products to its customers. This partnership will allow us to expand our reach and make our products more accessible to a wider audience.

We are continuously working on expanding our retail partnerships, and we encourage our customers to stay connected with us through our social media pages for updates on new retail locations where Bee’s Eatery products will be available.

Any new lines in the pipeline?

Yes, we are constantly exploring new product lines to introduce. While I cannot disclose specific details now, we are focused on expanding our range of probiotic food products and plant-based offerings. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

How has the #PushaBW campaign helped you as a local company?

It has been instrumental in promoting local businesses like ours. It has created awareness and support for local companies, encouraging consumers to choose local products and services. As a local company, the campaign has provided us with increased visibility and recognition among customers.

How are exhibitions like the recent US-Africa Summit beneficial to your business?

Participating in EXPOs and summits like the US-Africa Summit is an invaluable opportunity for Bee’s Eatery. It allows us to showcase how food can be medicine and highlight how food grown in Botswana is utilized to optimize health.

Exhibitions like these provide us with a platform to present our unique offerings and contribute to the growth of the Botswana market. Through collaborations, joint ventures, and investment opportunities that the EXPO exposes us to, Bee’s Eatery can further enhance its presence in the market.

We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and the positive impact we can make on the health and well-being of our community.

Talking about the opportunities that lie ahead, where do you see Bee’s Eatery in the next years?

In the next years, we envision Bee’s Eatery as a leading provider of probiotic and plant-based food products in the region. We aim to expand our reach, collaborate with more retailers, and continue educating and empowering customers to prioritize their gut health. Our goal is to make Bee’s Eatery a household name synonymous with healthy and delicious food options.

Good luck with that – any last word for your customers?

Thank you for your support and for choosing Bee’s Eatery as your source of nourishing probiotic food products.

The bee’s knees

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