All Afrique Fashion show in over 200k debt

Kitso Ramono

Director and owner of Starlight Studios, Daisy Botsoba, is swimming in debt after their Fashion Week of All Nation event held on June 1st at Cresta Fairgrounds, failed to draw a crowd leaving them with a debt of about P 205 000, which they must pay or risk legal action.

The Africa Fashion Show was in its second season after a successful debut in Maun last year, with MYSC serving as the show’s financial sponsor and contributing to its success.

This year, despite the lack of a financial sponsor to help with the event, Botsobo took a leap of faith and opted to go ahead with her brain child, relying on ticket sales to generate profit when possible sponsors abandoned her a few weeks before the show.

Unfortunately, the Fashion Show was a flop, generating a revenue of just about P 20,000 in ticket sales which paid only the venue, lights, sound, video, transportation, and branding costs.

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CIPA remained the sole financial sponsor, donating P 50,000 to print a specified number of tickets, while other sponsorships were in kind.

The unpaid liabilities include meal bills for models and designers, master of ceremonies.

Model remuneration for the top ten designers and 20 models, as well as the major prize for the best designer and model, as well as hair and makeup that cost a total of P 205 000.

All Afrique Fashion show in over 200k debt
UNPAID: Fashion Designers

Botsoba said they were appealing to the business community and anybody with the wherewithal to assist them in settling their debts before they could be hauled to court for failing to keep their commitment.

“We are asking anybody who can help us; we were able to go back to MYSC and speak with the permanent secretary about any assistance they can provide, and we are awaiting their answer. At the very least, if we can receive financial support to pay for my models, designers, and ushers, who have put their hearts and souls into making the event a reality,” she stated.

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All Afrique Fashion show in over 200k debt
UNPAID: Fashion Models

She went on to say that at the moment, any type of donation would be helpful for the participants.

“We don’t mind financial support and even donation in kind because these models deal with fabrics and you will find out that in their workshops they don’t have needles, material, and even sewing machines, so things like that, which relate to sewing and knitting. Those are the kinds of donations that can really go a long way in helping these designers realise their dream,” she added.

She claims that at the time of registration, models and designers were informed that there is no prize money at the moment, but it may be available depending on how the event goes.

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