The art times add colour to Maun

Cathrine Moemedi

The Art Times are on a mission to bring colour and creativity to the community of Maun.

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The organisation was formed with the mandate of bringing artists together to exploit and benefit from the market within and outside Maun.

Speaking to Voice Entertainment, one of The Art Times founders, Prince Moyo, revealed they plan to paint the tourist town’s streets in a concept dubbed ‘Tag Maun’.

“We have come up with the ‘Tag Maun’ initiative where we will be donating murals across Maun to make the town more colorful and vibrant,” explained Moyo, adding that thus far they have donated murals to Nhabe Museum and Potential Gardens.

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According to Moyo, the paintings will also relay messages that are relevant to the northern town.

“The paintings will not only bring life and add colour to Maun but there will be informative as they carry some messages in them,” highlighted the dreadlocked artist, looking every bit the creative with his hair tied in a bun and a necklace dangling on top of an eccentric, threadbare vest.

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Outlining some of the other programmes run by The Art Times, Moyo said, “We do activism through art, last year we did a lot of artworks on human-wildlife conflict as a way of sending messages to the public.”

Moyo and his team intend to officially launch ‘Tag Maun’ soon, to give them the chance to interact with the public.

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He called on stakeholders who are willing to donate either paints or other materials to contact them on their Facebook page The Art Times.

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