Pastor steals TV icon’s wife

Portia Mlilo


Botswana Television Tshamekang Sports Presenter, Aaron Route 4 Radira is suing the spiritual son of Major 1, Pastor Vincent Majama for marriage wrecking.

The hearing for the marriage wrecking case was before Phase IV Customary Court in Gaborone last Thursday.

Majama, however, applied for the matter to be moved to the High Court to afford him an opportunity to engage an attorney.

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The case was postponed pending the court’s decision, to be delivered in two weeks.

Radira said he first suspected his now ex-wife, Refilwe Radikgomo was cheating on him last year when she started spending a lot of time at church.

He also realised that when she was home she did not give the family attention, as she would be on her phone claiming to be preparing for church services.

He said the amount of time she spent on her phone piqued his curiosity and he succumbed to the temptation to snoop through her messages and WhatsApp chats where he found love messages between her and the Pastor.

EX-WIFE: Refilwe

Efforts to reconcile the fighting couple proved futile and two weeks later, Refilwe who is also a pastor at Majama’s church, moved to her mother’s house in Mochudi.

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Two days after moving out she served her husband with divorce papers.

However, before the marriage was nullified on December 11th, Radira had already lodged a marriage wrecking case against Majama with the Customary Court.

Majama, 49 also served his 39-year-old wife Segopodiso Thebe, whom he was married to for 18 years, with divorce papers.

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He allegedly wasted no time in making an announcement in church that he was divorcing his wife and marrying Pastor Refilwe a day after his lover’s divorce.

Thebe and Majama’s divorce case will be before High Court in March.

Speaking in an interview with The Voice, Radira said after realising that his pastor is having an affair with his wife, he reported the matter to the church Executive Committee but to his surprise instead of being assisted, he was served with a restraining order barring him from coming to church.

“We had been married for five years and all of a sudden she started hating me to death. He has cast a spell on her. There was a time when I found a picture of my wife captioned Mrs Vincent Majama. It was very painful that the so-called Man of God was breaking my marriage. I am healed now but I am suing him so the whole world can know that he is not God sent, he is a crook. He should be taught a lesson so that he does not wreck another man’s marriage ever again,” said Radira.

TV ICON: Radira

When reached for a comment Majama’s soon-to-be ex-wife Segopodiso said she was so tired of her husband and could not wait for their divorce to be finalised in March so that he can be out of her life for good.

“He is one the rudest and most insensitive person I have ever know. He lacks empathy,” she said.

Segopodiso said she could not believe it when she came back from a trip to South Africa to find her husband’s mistress had moved in with him.

“Can you imagine that I am staying at my brother’s house while another woman stays with my husband,” said Segopolo who has become Radira’s key witness in his marriage wrecking case.

“I have agreed to be Radira’s witness in court. The two immoral pastors are full of pride. Refilwe could have at least waited for our divorce to be finalised before moving into my house. Shame on her,” she added

Meanwhile Pastor Majama has expressed confidence that his love rival was going to lose the marriage wrecking case because he filed after he was served with divorce papers

“I didn’t destroy his marriage and if he continues tarnishing my name with such baseless allegations, Ill sue him,” Majama threatened.

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