Magistrate berates disorganised prosecutors

ACCUSED: Motseonageng

Molepolole Magistrate, Kefilwe Resheng, this week blasted state prosecutors for what she called haphazard arraignment and cautioned them that if they continued with such conduct she would throw away their cases.

The concerned magistrate made the stiff warning to Molepolole Police officers when they brought a five-year-old matter for arraignment before her court.

Before she proceeded with the matter, Resheng demanded answers as to why the case took so long to be taken before court and the Prosecutor, Assistant Superintendent (ASP) Uyapo Koketso, claimed they have a backlog of cases at their office.

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“Its not that you have a lot of cases, it’s just that you are too haphazard, there is something not right with your office. I want things to be done systematically and timeously,” The magistrate quipped and ordered the prosecution to submit an affidavit explaining the late arraignment.

The Voice has since learnt that the matter was only taken before court after the complainant had lodged a complaint at the police station several times that his case was not being taken seriously. 

The matter was a robbery case in which 31-year-old Phuthego Lesego Motseonageng of Lekgwapheng ward and his late accomplice, on July 9th, 2014 allegedly assaulted Tiro  Mokgware and robbed him of a Samsung cellphone worth P7 000.00, a car wheel worth P750.00 and P120.00 cash all amounting to P7 870.00.

The suspects, at around 0200hrs, allegedly caused the complainant car to have a puncture and threw stones at him before they approached him pretending to assist him only to later rob him.

Fortunately the living suspects DNA was said to have been found on the victim’s blood stained jersey that he was wearing on the fateful night. 

ASP Koketso told the court that investigations were complete and requested to be given more time to prepare a summary of the case and furnish the accused with witnesses statements.

He said the state will call upon four witnesses to testify in the matter.

He further explained that the other suspect has since died and that they have forensic evidence which implicates Motseonageng in the matter.

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Motseonageng had earlier complained that after the incident, the police searched him with someone who was not included in the charge sheet.

He was granted a P1 500.00 conditional bail and ordered to bring two sureties who would bind themselves with the same amount.

Motseonageng will appear for mention on February 24th, 2020.

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