Political ambitions divide Khwai village


Political ambition and the ruling Botswana Democratic party factions have been blamed for the bad blood which continues to hover over Khwai Development Trust in Khwai village in Okavango Delta.

Following the ousting of Khwai Development Trust board through a kgotla meeting last week Tuesday, the ousted board chairperson, Jonah Amos has come out guns blazing to blame his fellow party member, Baefesia Sango for plotting against him as a way of trying to stay on top in the coming primary elections campaign.

Political ambitions divide Khwai village
Jonah Amos

Amos and his board were voted out through a motion of no confidence for over staying in office and replaced by a new board.

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“We both aspire to be council candidates so what he is doing right now is to decampaign me. He wants people to lose trust in me by bringing a motion of no confidence against me over a non issue,” stated Amos.

The disgraced board chair further alleged that Sango was deliberately dividing the community for selfish ends, “Daggers have been drawn, our fight is not anywhere near the end, we still have primary elections to settle,” he said.

On the other hand Sango maintained that the board was voted out and replaced with a new one simply because majority of the community had lost confidence in Amos’s leadership.

“This matter has nothing to do with politics, but loss of confidence in Amos’leadership. It was not only BDP members who voted him out, but many other members of the community who are supporters and members of Umbrella for Democratic Change,”

contended Sango who added that, “for instance, Gaomotshidi Ntsogotho is the area councillor, Kebareeditse Ntsogotho’s sister and the newly elected chairman, Ronald Ntsogotho is the councillor’s cousin and they obviously are not BDP and yet they too were not on his side.”

Sango cautioned Amos from politicising the Trust’s issue due to frustrations of being rejected by the people.

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“He does not even stand a chance at council level, I mean how does he expect people to trust him at national level when he has failed to run a community Trust!”

Allegedly the two belong to the two BDP warring factions within Maun East constituency with Amos rallying behind Tebogo Boalotswe and Sango in Reaboka Mbulawa’s camp.

Boalotswe and Mbulawa who are both in the party’s regional committee are set to face each other in the primaries for the Maun East Parliamentary constituency in 2024 general elections.


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