Maun musicians schedule kiddies fun day

MUSIC FOR THE KIDS: Odirile of San Connexion, Balaototswe and Phatsiimo of Man Hip Hop Movement

In response to the worrying rise of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in Botswana, Maun Hip Hop Movement and San Konnexion will host a fun day for vulnerable children at Bana ba Letsatsi.

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Although fun will be at the heart of the 17 October event, the day will also be used to spread the message against the devastating social ill.

Explaining why they decided to organise such an initiative, co-founder of the Hip Hop Movement, Balatotswe Makhao, said, “As people living in Maun and the North-West District, we noticed that we need to play a vital role in the development of our communities and the country in general.

“One of the most disturbing social ills amongst our people is abuse of orphans and other forms of Gender-Based Violence involving children, women and people living with a disability.”

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The 34-year-old noted, as well as both verbal and physical abuse, stigmatization was also a growing problem.

“We want to play an active role in helping the young children and coming generation learn how to deal with, and bring such abuses to an end. The affected children and individuals have become more prone and vulnerable to many social ills which they end up in, including alcohol and drug abuse which is exerted from the stress of being abused by parents, friends and other members of the community,” said Makhao, highlighting the far-reaching consequences of abuse.

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He explained they chose Bana ba Letsatsi because it is a rehabilitation centre that offers a place of safety for orphans and vulnerable children and has been consistently doing so for the past 18 years.

The centre’s Head of Programmes, Gabatshwane Motlogelwa told Voice Entertainment the fun-day is intended to help lift spirits of their children.

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“Our children have undergone different life challenges and thus it purposefully serves to have partners such as Maun Hip Hop Movement and San Connexion to host a relaxed and fun-filled day with kids.

“The event will help enhance emotional and psychological behaviours through fun and relaxed play, which since the emergence of Coronavirus and lockdown most kids have been affected due to restrictions in interaction thus affecting them physically and emotionally,’’ noted Motlogelwa.

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