Masisi backtracking?


Shaya is a fan of President Mokgweetsi Masisi, like I am a real fan, any chance I get to see the first citizen I do.

Thus it was with great excitement that I joined other media colleagues this week for a Press Conference where Masisi briefed the nation at large on his just ended international trip.

However, Shaya was left disappointed with the President, who when fielding questions said something to the effect of not being responsible for creating jobs for Batswana.

Instead, he promised to ‘inspire’ them.

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Inspire Mr Pres! Really?

Did you not have job creation in your manifesto, the one you had to re-do?

Do we look like we need inspiration Mr Pres? Really?

I on behalf of Batswana am not happy with the way you answered that one.

You are in danger of losing Shaya as a fan. Let’s talk asap!

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