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George Moore
ANSWERING A CALLING: Abel is music mad

Kabo Abel fulfills a calling

Growing up with what he terms an ingrained ‘spirit of music’, Kabo ‘Odirile’ Abel did his best to ignore this calling and concentrate his energies on school instead.

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However, the lure of lyrics and beats proved too strong: music kept calling and the 19-year-old was powerless to resist.

“I’m quite a quiet guy, not much of a big talker. I express myself best through music. I’ve tried many times to leave it and focus on school but it keeps pulling me back. Music chose me; I was meant to do this!” declares the Motswako melody-maker, adding he first started jotting down lyrics when he was 10.

Estimating he has penned well over 50 songs to date, but unable to release any due to lack of funds, the Borolong native has finally put together the Pula power to officially drop his debut track, ‘Dear Love’.

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Like the rest of the songs piled-up in Abel’s notebook, it is a tune that comes from the heart.

“It’s all about love. I had a huge crush on someone at the time but she had no idea. It was driving me crazy; I had to get my feelings down on paper. Once I started, the words kept flowing and ‘Dear Love’ was born,” explains the teen musician, who trades by the name ‘Kabo Abel BW’.

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The Afro Pop single alternates between a catchy chorus in English and vibrant verses in Setswana, with Abel mixing languages in an effort to appeal to all age groups.

“I include the local language so elders can understand it too – after all, love is for all!” notes the singer, a 1st year student at Baisago in Francistown, where he is studying Arts and Counseling.

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Abel intends to register with COSBOTS next Friday before he officially goes public with ‘Dear Love’, which will be available on all streaming platforms.

If all goes well and the feedback is positive, the plan is to release a six-track LP early next year.

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“I felt this song could be like a sample test. I want to see how people will react before I release the album,” he tells Voice Entertainment, estimating he needs close to P3, 000 to bring the project to life.

Recorded at Jay Black Productions in Monarch, with Black also supplying the bouncing beat – “He’s the best in Ghetto!” quips Abel – the song represents a strong opening offering from a young man whose ambition is, “To be known in Botswana by my people.”

He has a long way to go to achieve this but it’s a decent start from the big-dreaming artist.

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