Chillin Out Friday 22 October, 2023

L-R: Glotto, Tumie & Hubby & Thapelo Wa Mojuta


Shaya thought that everyone was happy for the ‘fourth most admired brand in Botswana’s opportunity to showcase at the New York Fashion Week, but it appears some worked overtime with their black magic to block Mboko’s chances at success!

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The 27-year-old fashion designer was apparently nowhere near New York at the time of showcasing because her VISA had been denied.

Before you wizards celebrate, thanks to her friends in faraway places, she apparently shipped her apparel to the Big Apple and her friends came together to make Glotto’s showcase a success.

Quite a shame though that she couldn’t go out to network and sell her brand but judging by the pictures, the clothes spoke on her behalf.

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Influencer and socialite Tumie Nthutang who is famous for her good looks and rich makoti lifestyle is reportedly splitting from her partner after two years of marriage.

Normally, the first signal showing an influencer or celebrity’s breakup is deleted photos, however, in Tumie’s case, their #couplegoals pictures are still sitting beautifully on her feed.

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Maybe she isn’t ready to let go? First it was Anita, then Carly and now Tumie-gorgeous insta girlies with shockingly shortlived marriages!

Clearly things aren’t as rosy and sparkly behind those filters…There goes Shaya’s hopes and dreams for The Real Housewives of Gabz City!

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Someone please send the boys in blue over to Thapelo wa Mojuta’s house because what he did to Oska Bora Teachere is daylight robbery!

The Jew apparently produced Oska Bora Teachere’s newest track ‘Ke ne ke go ratile’ which is dope, except that the beat was stolen from Master KG and DJ Harry Cane’s Dubula.

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For someone with 11 years in the music industry, you are a true disappointment!

Perhaps Oska Bora himself was too heartbroken to realise it, but Shaya wonders how his good friend Master KG will take it since Oska Bora recently tagged him on the song but he hadn’t responded two days later.

These upcoming artists need to be schooled on copyright infringement before someone sues them!


A famous Kasane-born male DJ apparently threw the tantrum of his lifetime at an event over the weekend when he resorted to sleeping in his car, saying that the accommodation he was being offered was below his standards.

It appears these celebrities tend to have over-the-board expectations which they never communicate until the day of the event, which is always problematic for event organizers.

At least he put on a good performance though, unlike some who decide to jump ship when the organizers can’t afford their five bottles of Hennessy for their groupies.


We’re halfway through Spring, aka outdoor events season, and its time to bring out camp chairs and cooler boxes for some much needed chilling sessions with the gents.

Chillin Out Friday 22 October, 2023
SERVE CHILLED : Formula milk sharing a cooler with beer

But what do you do when your bundle of joy is still suffering from winter’s attachment issues, or the nanny gets a ‘sudden emergency’? Throw their milk carton inside the cooler box, and bring them along!

At least that seems to have been this particular gentleman’s solution, desperate not to miss out on some down time with the boys!

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