Charma and Leshman headed for court….. again!

Charmagal & Leshman

It seems the acrimonious court battle between former lovers Charma Gal and Leshman is set for a bitter new chapter.

The music star and her ex-boyfriend will be back in court soon to fight over the custody of their son.

Whilst Charma Gal celebrated the birth of another baby boy recently with an unknown man from Orapa – Shaya is still looking for the identity of this lucky diamond town dweller – the singer has not seen her second-born with Leshman in two years.

Shaya has been told the businessman would not let his former lover see their son for reasons known to them both.

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My advice to the pair is that the boy will grow up to despise one of you over this.

Put your differences aside and raise that little boy together, that’s surely the best way!

P.S. Charma Gal please email me the picture of your baby daddy, I promise not to out him.

He can run but he can’t hide for long; Shaya always finds out!

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