Brave heart anticipates another sold out event

Leungo Mokgwathi

Although the Covid19 pandemic together with digital migration have shape shifted the events industry, Brave Heart Managing Director Joe Manuel who is returning for the 7th edition of the Life Changing Concert with Joyous Celebration on October, 28th has assured event promoters that in-person events will always have value, especially in an increasingly digital world.

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“There are still so many individuals who appreciate spaces which allow for face to face interactions and meetings and we need to rely on that and capitalize on it, ” he advised.

Dispelling the notion that sold out events will forever remain a pipe dream in Botswana, Manuel referenced the Life Changing Concert which sold out tickets even at a time when the industry was recovering from the pandemic.

“With the pandemic and now the digital era, there has been an extreme change, not only in events management, but in the creative industry as a whole, and although at one point our industry was brought to its knees, there is still hope for it, provided we make it a point to understand what our consumers want and give them just that.”

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Manuel explained that more access to the internet has made the consumer more informed, resulting in higher expectations of event managers in terms of hospitality, ticketing systems and production. According to him, their event has remained relevant because such consumer demands are a top priority for them.

The Life Changing Concert with Joyous Celebration caters to all gospel lovers, regardless of their preference which might be contemporary, traditional, rhumba or soulful.

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“It is an event that’s not only meant to be enjoyed, but its intention is to revive spirits as the year comes to an end,” he explained.

In light of customers’ demands for ease of access, this year, Brave Heart has introduced a ticketing system which captures block, row and seat number to avoid congestion.

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With the event only a month away, he has encouraged Batswana to secure theirs as soon as possible as the event attracts attendees from all across Southern Africa.

General tickets are selling for P250, silver tickets for P400 and Golden Circle are going for P450.

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