Audit woes at BONU

Daniel Chida
OPPOSING: Obonolo Rahube(L),BONU PRESIDENT: Peter Baleseng(R)

A court battle between former Botswana Nurses Union (BONU) president, Obonolo Rahube and the current one, Peter Baleseng is looming following irregularities in sourcing a Forensic Audit company.

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Rahube’s team is said to be against the outsourced company as they feel it will be biased. Another issue which this publication has been made aware of is the awarding of the tender which apparently was done before advertising it in the media.

On the 10th January, the company that was awarded the controversial tender wrote, “Pursuant to our conversation in November 2022 and subsequent meeting with BONU President and Treasurer in December 2022 and January 2023 , we confirm and thank you for appointing us for the provision of Forensic Investigation services,” stated the letter but an advert was later flighted requiring tenders to be submitted in sealed envelopes not later than 1345hours on the 31st May 2023. The controversial process has divided the union further. In an interview with Rahube whose term of 2019 to 2022 is the one to be audited, he said that he did not have any problems with the audit. “I have nothing to hide since there is a paper trail for all the funds that left our accounts. We have long done away with cheques and we’re using the electronic system. What we have a problem with is the process of engaging the auditing company,” he said.

According to an insider, a mini audit which was once carried showed that P7million left the union coffers to acquire vehicles, an office in Francistown, refurbishing Gaborone office and buying a plot in Kang. However, when contacted, Baleseng referred the questions to the Acting President saying he was outside the country. The Acting President, Stagga Kelebakgosi denied any knowledge of the said issue.

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