AP youth on the move to revive party structures

Daniel Chida

BMD Constitution failed us- APYL Pres

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Alliance for Progressives Youth League has embarked on a countrywide tour headed by its President, Gaone Majere.

The tour which started last weekend in Metsimotlhabe is aiming at reviving party structures in different constituencies.

The Voice Reporter, DANIEL CHIDA speaks to the YL President who also shares that the tour will be used to do self introspection and way forward.

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Q. Your detractors have dismissed AP as just another BDP faction, kindly share the difference to clear the confusion.

At BDP people are being blindfolded and at AP we build on Botswana’s strong foundation of enduring peace and democracy to shape a resourceful, skilled and resilient nation.

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We may have come from the BDP but we are different in many forms. We are fighting the corruption, which the BDP seems to be nurturing.

Q. There is a slow or no visible growth of your movement, why?

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That’s the nature of politics, after elections the unexpected results of the elections demoralized people across all parties, but we are busy reviving AP structures and energizing our party members as we speak.

Q. You are doing a countrywide tour, kindly explain why?

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Youth league took a deliberate decision to revive party structures around the country and also to encourage our party members to be actively involved in all party activities.

Q.What have you achieved so far during the tour?

We have managed to spread the message of hope in all areas we have covered and our journey is still on.

Our party structures are now active and people know that AP is still on its way to a new Botswana which our President, Ndaba Gaolathe has been preaching.

Q. You seem to be working closely with BPF than other members of the UDC, why?

We are working closely with all opposition parties. This journey needs us all.

Q. When you left BDP, Khama was singled out as one of the main reasons you left, how are you going to work with him this time?

The main reason was the constitution of BDP. AP is not in politics of hatred but rather we believe in uniting and mobilizing all people that yearn for a new Botswana.

Remember, AP is more than just a party; it is an alliance of large groups and stakeholders to the nation building process.

We want to make sure that no one is left behind.

Q. Share your vision for the Youth League and things you want to achieve?

Our vision is to build on Botswana’s political foundation that can attract youths to take part in general elections.

We want to organize political youth workshops when COVID-19 restrictions permit us.

We want to make sure that all youth structures are well functioning by end of 2022.

Q. There is Covid-19 pandemic and also State of the Public Emergency, what needs to be done?

COVID-19 is here to stay, what we have to do is to be taught how to protect ourselves and continue living with it.

SOPE is not necessary at all.

Ok, having been a BMDYL vice president, what do you think failed your organization?

BMD constitution failed our organization then.

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