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HOT LOOK: Denim Loft BW clothing

For a 24-year-old stylist, Puisano Sane, there’s simply no such thing as too much denim.

The young creative-cum-businessman is the founder of  The Denim Loft BW, a clothing label that deals exclusively in the famous cotton-based fabric.

With a Facebook following of over 12, 500 and a clientele that is steadily growing, the brand is slowly making its mark on the fashion industry.

Dealing in denim
FASHIONABLE: A model rocking Denim Loft BW merchandise

Mention denim to Sane and he immediately responds with two words: ‘timeless quality.

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“What I find intriguing about denim is the fundamental fact that it can connect us to so many fashion eras within the blink of an eye, whether one has been there or not,” explains the Gaborone-based entrepreneur.

He tells Voice Money his creative inspiration comes from ‘everything and everywhere.

“If one is looking for motivation to turn a concept into a reality, there is no limit to inspiration,” is his philosophical assessment.

When pushed further, Sane conceded he draws motivation from black-owned businesses, big brands, and renowned companies.

Like so many enterprises, both big and small, Sane’s own business suffered at the cruel hands of Covid-19.

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Along with other local brands, Sane used to display his wares at Mmamontle in Molapo Crossing. However, when the pandemic hit, business plummeted and his income fell drastically. Soon he could no longer afford the rent and was forced to vacate the coveted site.

As restrictions tightened and the borders closed, Sane found it increasingly difficult to order his stock from Europe.

Forced to rely on local merchandise to keep Denim Loft BW going, the obvious drop in quality did nothing for the business’ reputation.

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As the restraints ease off gradually, Sane is confident his label will recover and return to its roots.

Although he strives for unique, distinct outfits, the show-stopping stylist prides himself on a minimalistic look, preferring to let the clothes do the talking.

Looking to the future, Sane hopes to expand his footprint across the country and ultimately create employment for the youth as his business flourishes.

Dealing in denim

As part of his corporate social responsibility, he is actively working on a plan to help orphanages and other community projects in Botswana.

In conclusion, he expressed gratitude to all his supporters and assured them great things are yet to come.

“I am very grateful to everyone that has been in support of the great brand The Denim Loft BW is becoming. We are looking forward to improving this year and to make everyone look amazing,” he said.

For more on denim wear, follow The Denim Loft BW on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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