Where do you belong Brigadier?

Khama and Kgokgothwane

Brigadier Kgokgothwane has been one busy man trying to please all his masters.

The Alliance Progressive cadre has been spotted around the BPF patron, former President Ian Khama’s entourage as SKI does his charity work.

This does not end there.

Kgokgothwane has a duty to be with his party President, Ndaba Gaolathe, but information reaching Shaya has indicated that, he is seen more in President Mokgweetsi Masisi’s camp although he does not seem to be taken seriously there.

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None of the three leaders, Shaya has been reliably informed have the guts to chase him away.

The plan is to let him hang around and sideline him during serious meetings.

Shaya wonders what game is the Brigadier playing?

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