Tutume’s ultra healthy turnaround

Kabelo Dipholo
IN THE CHAIR: Thatayaone Kehitile

Gweta/Tutume Hospitals to reduce referrals to Nyangabgwe

The procurement of ultrasounds machines for Tutume and Gweta Primary Hospitals is expected to ease pressure on Nyangabgwe Referral Hospital.

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Speaking during Monday’s council session, Tutume District Council Chairman, Thatayaone Kehitile revealed the District Health Management Team (DHMT) procured two machines from JP Biomed Company in Gaborone.

The Tutume machine was delivered on 9th August and started operating seven days later, while the DHMT is still awaiting the delivery of the machine in Gweta.

“We believe that this will really aid in reducing patients’ referrals to Francistown for some types of investigations that were previously not done in the district,” said Kehitile, who’s also a Councilor for Dukwi ward in the Nata/Gweta constituency.

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The Chairman told council the DHMT has also procured a new dental chair for Gweta to help reduce the current shortage they’ve been experiencing.

Although he admitted the health service is ‘not where it ought to be’, Kehitile noted there has been significant progress in some areas.

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With regard to medicine dispensing, Kehitile reported there has been an improvement for patients on chronic medications who are currently dispensing from a private pharmacy.

He revealed that at present, 149 clients receive their medications from the local private pharmacy in Tutume.

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“In an effort to address the situation of medicine dispensing at clinics, four new Pharmacy Technicians have been employed and posted at Nata, Dukwi, Nswazwi and Nkange clinics. Although this is insufficient, it is a step in the right direction,” he said.

According to Kehitle, the four technicians will be going around all facilities on a daily basis to dispense medications, following a schedule that has already been distributed across the District.

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“The major impediment, however, has been of shortage of transport resulting in medication being dispensed late in the afternoon in some facilities,” Kehitile told Council.

He further informed the chamber about cases of measles recorded at Nkange, Goshwe, Dukwi and Magapatona clinics.

“We immediately embarked on active surveillance and intensification of routine immunization is underway. Moreover, Healthcare workers are continually capacitated on measles cases as a management measure,” assured Kehitile.

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