MP trending for ‘boloto’

Francinah Baaitse Mmana

Leaked screenshot implicates assistant minister in sexual misconduct

Assistant Minister of Health and Wellness, Sethomo Lelatisitswe was last Wednesday trending on social media for a leaked “screenshot” of a conversation in which he was allegedly asking for unprotected sex (boloto) from an unspecified sexual partner.

The screenshot, which had already gone viral by Wednesday, depicts Lelatisitswe asking the lady, “Wa re ke je boloto?” meaning, do you want us to have unprotected sex?

The woman then agreed to the proposition telling the minister he could have his way if that was what he really wanted.

“Mxm you are abusing me o mpotsa dipotso tse o itseng gore I won’t even refuse coz go bua wena,” loosely translated to mean, “You are abusing me by asking me, knowing I cannot refuse because it is you talking.”

But then the minister allegedly responded by noting that if they were to engage in unprotected sex he may impregnate the woman who in turn said she was not ready to have a child.

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In the screenshot Lelatisitswe was allegedly planning for a night in Serowe and was not sure exactly which hotel to check in.

Asked about the alleged leaked conversation Lelatisitswe said he was not even sure whether it was a real screenshot or a fake one.

“I don’t know, social media is a problem,” he said and went on to acknowledge that he had seen the alleged screenshots as well but he had no idea who had shared them.

Asked whether he had any lady friend he had gifted with P1500 as per the receipt that was made public purported to be proof of the gift from him, the minister said he knew nothing about the pecho (gift).

He was to report the matter to the police on Thursday morning so that the matter could be investigated.

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