Man stabs lover’s buttocks


A dishevelled Mabesekwa man appeared before Francistown Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend with a knife on the buttocks.

The incident took place on the 16th of January at Takotshane cattle post of Mabesekwa. The 23-year-old Dikgang Balai was on the run until he was arrested on Sunday at the cattle post.

According to court papers, Balai stabbed Bonolo Mpotoka after an intense quarrel. Mpotoka was taken to the clinic where she was treated and discharged the same day.

He was also charged with threat to kill as it is alleged that he threatened to kill Mpotoka by uttering the words, “Kante ke wena o laolang fela, ke tla go bolaya? Re tla bona gore ba tla sala ba laolwa ke mang!” loosely translated to “Are you the only one in control? I will kill you, and we will see who will be left to control them!”.

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In court, the State Prosecutor, Gaone Miller, stated that they took a decision with the investigating officer – who was not before court – that they do not have a problem with the accused person being granted bail.

“If he is to be granted bail, he must bind himself with the sum of P1 000 and bring two sureties to bind themselves with the same amount. He must not interfere with the state witnesses and he must also come to court whenever required to,” said Miller.

Balai was granted bail as per the prosecutor’s conditions and ordered to remove his dreads for his next mention on the 19th.

In a different case altogether, a 42-year-old man of Tonota village also appeared before court on Tuesday for a single count of threat to kill. Abua Silas is alleged to have threatened to kill his girlfriend, Monica Kolobe, who had fled to Pandamatenga.

It was heard that Silas told Kolobe that she should not think that fleeing to Panda would protect her and instructed her to say her goodbyes to her family because he was going to kill her.

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The accused person was also granted bail on conditions that he binds himself with P500 and brings two sureties to bind themselves with the same amount.

He will be back in court on the 12th April.

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