Tortured tears

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Woman weeps as husband gets jail time for assaulting her

A woman wept uncontrollably as she learnt her husband would spend the next year in jail after he pleaded guilty to assaulting her.

Appearing before Molepolole Magistrate Court for sentencing on Tuesday, 45-year-old Kagiso Mafemelela was handed a two-year prison term, with one year wholly suspended.

Desperate to save her man from the slammer despite the torment he put her through, Rosinah Mafemelela could be heard begging police officers to assist in reversing the sentence.

However, it was too late.

With their two sons watching in somber silence, the tearful 40-year-old tenderly kissed her shackled husband goodbye before he was whisked off to prison in the back of a police van.

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She was left holding her husband’s smart black blazer, clutching it for dear life as she rang her relatives to inform them of Kagiso’s fate.

Earlier, court heard how on Sunday 11 October, Kagiso tortured his wife in full view of their children at their home in Mmanoko village.

The middle-aged man was convinced his wife was having an affair. Keen to discover her lover’s identity, he tied Rosinah’s hands behind her back with a shoelace before grabbing her hair and plunging her head into a 20-litre bucket filled with water.

Gasping for breath, Rosinah eventually managed to kick the bucket over, which only served to fuel Kagiso’s rage further.

With the children screaming for him to stop, Kagiso refilled the bucket and poured the contents over his wife, who lay sprawled out on the floor on her back.

He then bashed his wife’s head into the wall, bundled her into his car and drove off into the bush, where he wrapped a plastic bag over her head.

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Convinced she was about to suffocate, court hard that Rosinah confessed to cheating and revealed her lover’s identity.

Her ordeal did not end there, however, as Kagiso then drove his wife to her ‘small house’s’ house.

Although the lover was not home, his mother and brother were and so Kagiso made his wife tell them about the affair.

He was arrested later that night.

In sentencing, Magistrate Kefilwe Resheng noted Kagiso had saved court’s time by pleading guilty, appeared extremely remorseful and was a first-time offender.

“Nevertheless the court cannot deny the prevalence of these alarming offences that are gender based in the Kweneng region. It is in the interest of the society that such behaviour be profoundly punished by the courts and be shunned into clarity. The offence is aggravated by the fact that the convict assaulted his wife in full view of his minor children. It is the kind of behaviour that leaves the younger generation with invisible scars for life!” ruled Resheng.

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Having already spent 24 days in prison, Kagiso will spend another 341 days behind bars, much to his wife’s dismay.

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