Things they say: MPs Baja mosusumpelo -Kwape


Eating food with roughage as a healthy nutritional habit is another thing, but being forced to have it because there is no other food in the house is another.

Just ask deputy council chairperson in the North West District, Lekonne Masoko and he will tell you what it feels like, “Ke jele moroko thata le lebese ha ke gola ko Tsau, ga ke kake ka boela koo gape. Ga ke kake!” “I ate a lot of bran with milk when I was growing up in Tsau. I do not see myself going back to those days.

There is just no way!

He was responding to Minister Lemogang Kwape’s appeal for political leaders to be exemplary and start to eat healthy meals. Kwape has accused politicians including MPs of eating too much, “ko palamenteng batho ba ja mosusumpelo,” “Even in parliament, people eat too much food,” said Kwape

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