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AN ACT OF KINDNESS: Food hampers for 37 VDC's in Maun East

Mbulawa, Kekgonegile, donate towards Maun East VDCs independence celebrations

Ruling Botswana Democratic Party’s North West Regional Chairperson, Reaboka Mbulawa, has this week been going around Maun East constituency donating food hampers and petty cash tombulawa

Village Development Committees (VDCs) ahead of the country’s independence celebrations.

The businessman, who has also expressed interest in contest for the constituency’s parliamentary seat in 2024, has donated food hampers worth P22,200 and P37,000 cash money for relish totalling P59,200.

Confirming the donations to all the 37 VDCs in Maun East, Mbulawa explained that these were donations to Boipuso celebrations in all kgotlas of Maun East in realisation that these celebrations are the first post Covid-19.

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“Boipuso this year signifies freedom after our Covid restrictions and the first lockdown ever since independence of Botswana. We now know what it means to be free and independent,” explained Mbulawa in an interview on Wednesday this week.

He further noted that a little reflection and introspection will come with these celebrations and gatherings “so that we look back and learn from our mistakes and plan our future, including our village developmental ambitions and the readiness for future pandemics as a community.”

Mbulawa further contended that any major event in the country needs community buy-in and ownership, hence the need to reflect on these matters now. “While Batswana are usually easy-going people, we have seen pockets of resistance during the pandemic and during the population census hence the need to reflect on these matters and adopt a common understanding on issues of health and development aspirations of our society. Therefore this particular independence celebrations are extremely important and interesting in the days of our lives,”said Mbulawa.

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament for the area, Goretetse Kekgonegile, has also reached into his pocket to supplement shortages for the feasts in 20 of the VDCs in the same constituency.

Asked what his thoughts are about Mbulawa’s donations, Kekgonegile noted, “As much as I have also donated,I think food donations are not doing much to help our communities. In this day and era, we need to initiate lifetime projects and help develop these VDCs.”

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The way to a voter's heart
GENEROUS: Mbulawa & Kekgonegile -giving-back-to-the-VDC members ahead of the independence celebrations.

Kekgonegile added that he donated cash to 20 VDCs, “When I give, I don’t do it for the gallery and that is why you would not see my donations on social media unlike his, besides I am the area MP so I am playing my part as an elected legislator and honouring the people’s requests.”

Both politicians maintain that the VDCs approached them with donation requests for independence celebrations.

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