The Voice on fashion stunner; Best dressed of the week

Ratie Kefitlhile

Ratie Kefitlhile,is one of Botswana’s experienced and seasoned News Reporter with a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast media industry – a professional director of proceedings for corporate events, small stock farmer and an ardent tea lover and collector’s style is a haven of inspiration.

Ratie Kefitlhile
Ratie Kefitlhile

Her effortless, breath-taking and style demeanor continues to be a style to marvel at.

This look is an epitome of effortlessfun and stellar red carpet glamour.

I give her a 10/10 for a hint of delicacy, extravagantpalette cleaning design and captivating style which the world of fashion loves to see!

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PHOTOGRAPHY : Local Corner

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