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Designer spotlight: nguo.

Khoi Fro
Tumie mohoasa

Awarded one of the three fashion beneficiaries from a fully funded Internship Training Programme courtesy of Mr Price Group Durban in South Africa at the recent Fashion without borders, nguo is a brand ready to implant a difference in the fashion world.

“A lot of our inspiration is pegged on Tumie’s childhood,which was a happy one. Tumie is the lead creative at ngüo, a story teller through both words and now through the clothing brand. Our new line is going to play majorly on necklines and ‘woven’ to bring you this season’s exciting dresses! The current and new line is inspired by and named teledimo. Teledimo is a one strand grass that grows only during the rainy season. “, stated Tumie Mohoasa.

These looks harness the power of provocation and the art of contemporary style, making any wardrobe an instant classic. nguo has become one of my personal favorite brands for their design structure and fashion aesthetic that remains unmatched.

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Their aesthetics always gives modern glamour meets luxury. With each design, there’s Always a hint of delicacy, softness, extravagant palette design and captivating beauty which the world of fashion loves to see!

Whether you’re heading out for work, for some grab at sunset, taking a breather by the pool or just going out for dinner, these looks are an instant style statement! It’s definitely time to scroll through nguo Facebook feed nguo for more effective get style feasted looks!

Follow nguo on Facebook at nguo and on Instagram for more linen, comfortable and style with a difference.

When did you feel the nudge to start your own brand? What inspired the name?

I have always yearned for ‘difference’ in clothes and from a young age.

I would turn something into what it wasn’t initially and this always led to trouble with my parents because it always included scissors.

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Growing up, I knew it was non-conventional I was looking for and this led to many disappointments because I looked for these items in stores and hit walls.

So when I could I started making my own clothes but I wasn’t until 2019 that I thought to make to sell because I always got compliments with these clothes I made for myself.

How do you come up with your creative process? Mood-board for your collections?

So the other day I was driving with my friend from Otse and it was raining.

It was one of the first rains after the winter and that amazing smell of dry dirt hugging the first rain drops hit me with incredible nostalgia and we started talking about stuff that happened in the rain when we were growing up and I turned to my friend and said what If we plaited our straps like we did teledimo growing up and boom, we had a range.

This is to tell you it can be anything really but it’s mostly my wanting to tell stories through clothes as a creative.

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What inspires you fashion wise and how do you deal with a creatives block?

Easy,comfortable and different are the three things that move me, always.

Creative blocks are a thing hey! Like with my writing some days I am blank,no word out and no inspiration out, I will look at a fabric and zero creative juices and I usually just leave and do something else,and ideas sometimes hit way into the night and I get up and capture them.

If I don’t they’re often fleet and I won’t be able to capture them as they came and that’s super frustrating.

What should you not comprise on fashion wise?

Strange but underwear.Yes!

What piece of clothing do you spend your money on the most on a budget?

Harem pants.

What do you tell through your clothes?

Many stories of life itself. Diversity. Emancipation. Freedom. For me fashion is another medium of activism.

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You got chosen as one of Mr Price Internship designers. What are you looking forward to most?

I am excited and very grateful about this opportunity and I am looking forward to learn on the inside of the retail of fashion world.

I am particularly excited about the value chain in fashion,especially as a new brand in the market.

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Name 5 Must have items for this season.

Box shorts,a linen shirt,harem pants,kimono and statement earrings.

Any style advise for upcoming designers or anyone looking to get into the industry?

Passion pays. Don’t do it for clout,do it because it feeds your soul and be willing to learn as you go!

Photography | Batho Motlhake
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